COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know it. Each one of us has been affected by this global crisis, and we are all in unsettling and uncertain times. Here at The Contact Lens Club, we still care about your eye health and don’t want you to be inconvenienced.
We are still open for business during lockdown!
Contact Lens Club will still be operating during the national lockdown and can deliver your order safely to your door! Please bear with us, some deliveries may be slightly delayed due to courier and manufacturer operating at reduced capacity.
Delivery Protocol
Your delivery box is handled with care. We have taken the necessary measures to keep the contents of your order sanitised and free from harmful germs. In order to protect yourself as well as the courier during this time, please familiarize yourself with the following delivery protocol:
The courier will -
  • Ring bell and notify Receiver of the delivery;
  • Confirm if the documents are in order for the delivery;
  • Sanitize their hands;
  • Offer sanitizer to the Receiver;
  • Offer a glove/s to the Receiver;
  • Take out the wipes / paper towel sprayed with sanitizer, wipe down the handheld device before handing it over to the Receiver;
  • Offer the handheld device and stylus to the Receiver to sign for their Shipment and then step back;
  • Hand over the shipment and step back maintaining a distance from the Receiver;
We are here to help!
Our customer service team is available for any queries during the lockdown.
Email at: